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From the authors of
"Vanning in Plain Sight", introducing hand-crafted, discreet & functional vans for the freest & the most uninhibited travel.

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The Stealth  Factor

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When on the roads of North America, van as the other vans van.


No windows, no giant bumpers, no roof rack; avoid expensive campgrounds and travel discreetly, parking where no other RV has parked before.

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Designer Furnishings

We obsess over the details so you don't have to. Our designs are not just beautiful for the sake of aesthetics, they are thoughtfully crafted to be both visually breathtaking yet perfectly livable.


Take our van on your journey and rest assured you will always feel at home.

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Seamless Integration

From electrical to plumbing, high quality components all hand-picked to work seamlessly together so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time scratching your head.




Conventional RV

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Less planning  

No campgrounds  

Stay in your favorite city

Powered by the sun

Sleep in peace and privacy

Detailed travel plans

Costly campgrounds

Stay where you're allowed

Powered by plugging in 

Sleep in the public eye

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our mission

At Vanning in Plain Sight, we believe in redefining mobility through design. Our vans are not just RVs, but tiny homes on wheels that guarantee a sense of home wherever you roam. With our innovative and functional designs, we aim to provide a unique and comfortable experience for our customers. Whether you are a solo traveler or a couple, our vans are designed to meet your needs and make your journey unforgettable.

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Ford Transit
VIPS classic

Starting at


interior build only


VIPS custom

Price TBD


available now!


Learn how to Van like a Pro !

Get an in-depth look at the kind of van-dwelling that allowed the authors to trade in the NYC rat race for a life in some of the most sought-after places in America. Imagine living and working in the Hamptons, Aspen and Miami Beach—rent-free. Discover the techniques described in this book that will allow you to experience the most flexible form of travel there is.

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“They went above and beyond to help with the process. Their uncompromising design and meticulous craftsmanship turn any day on the road, into another great day at home in your new van."


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