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We arrived to the vanlife community from a background in construction, and hotel management. Our company started from a two year stint living in a converted van while working for various luxury hotel brands in Miami Beach, Aspen, and the Hamptons. We fell in love with the freedom vanlife provides, and wanted to bring the ease and comfort of staying at a high-end hotel into a van. 


We know how exciting it is to check-in to a new hotel in a new place, we also know it doesn't come without a hefty price tag. By combining the rig and the room costs are cut without sacrificing comfort. 


We don't view our vans as campers, rather a hotel room on wheels. That is why our company is defined by three words: STEALTH | OFF GRID | LUXURY


Enjoy your personal hotel room while visiting cities, towns, parks, and monuments. See it all without booking campgrounds from the comfort of your room.

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